“Retro Forward” Burda Style: Blog Post Series Announcement

This is the premiere post to a new series I will be featuring intermittently on my blog. Burda Style patterns are my new favorite brand (outside of the “Big Four”) to use for making garments and I have noticed a definitive “modern atheistic with a classic vintage-tinged style” in common with many of them. Now, I’m not getting paid or getting any benefits for this featured series, nor is it a sponsored collection through Burda Style. I just would like to share with you what I see in these clothes patterns.

RetroForward badgeJust because you are in a garment with vintage design, doesn’t mean you have to necessarily look like a photo from the past. Now don’t get me wrong, “going all out” isn’t a bad thing – I do full out authentic retro and vintage styles myself and am one of the biggest proponents for that, especially as a means of learning and understanding history. It’s just that this method of styling doesn’t appeal to everyone. Neither do you have to compromise on old time quality and style just to sew with a modern pattern, for there really are designs that still have those special details.

Thus, with this blog post series, I would like to ride a fine line and show both ways of how the integrity and creativity of past designs can be translated into something which can pass as current. No matter retro or modern, creativity is always the most beautiful way to interpret your personal style.

2 thoughts on ““Retro Forward” Burda Style: Blog Post Series Announcement

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