“Agent Carter” Season 2 – My Thoughts and Ideas

Season Two Art Deco Graphic Novel style posterHooray! Peggy Carter is back for another season…and in California! We’re over halfway through and getting into the final home stretch to the finale, and with lots of inspiration I would like to share my ‘two cents’, observations, and enthusiasm (without giving away too much for those of you that are just catching up to the season).  Many of my pictures come from Agent Carter’s facebook page.

First of all, with my Season one sew-a-long un-participated, I am thinking of throwing out a simple, casual, “come and join me with my sewing goal”, part 2. Peggy is wearing loads of two tone outfits, in bright colors or interesting combos of tones. The very first outfit we see Peggy in at the first season episode is a suit set, with a green suit and skirt and a peachy toned blouse…unusual but it works! How about challenging myself and yourself to sew up a two toned 1940’s era project? My blog will have Agent Carter inspired 40’s posts in the next few months, along with some sort of two toned outfit for my season two of Peggy-look-alike garments. If you sew something along this line, please let me know (via a ‘contact me’ message on my ‘about’ page) or give me a shout out or link on your own page and I’ll try to do the same. That’s it!

'Ready for another adventure' pic at the racetrack-combo with two-tone pants set

Stark from Agent Carter, left-Actor William Wright, rightSecondly, I’ve noticed some similarities between Agent Carter season 2 and some old 1940’s movie and actor tidbits. The actor who plays Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) is uncannily alike in both looks and voice to the rather unknown WWII actor William Wright. He was used in place of more well-known actors who were away at war, and he died too young and too soon after the war to end up being recognized. I recently saw part of the 1945 movie “Escape in the Fog” and realized this insane similarity. Look at how they two men could be doubles – albeit time differences!  You saw it first here!  Stark, Dominic Cooper, is on the left and actor William Wright is on the right.The Man with Nine Lives, 1940 film, movie poster

Also, there is a Boris Karloff movie from 1940 called “The Man with Nine Lives”. In this movie, he experiments to find a way to conquer disease, only to end up freeze people in such a way to halt life, so they can be thawed and pick up where they left off. Not that this is in Agent Carter but it vaguely reminds me of poor Jane Scott, the “Lady in the Lake”. Most especially, the beautiful assistant in “The Man with Nine Lives” looks totally like an Agent Carter lady in the movie poster.

I recently found a blog post with a wealth of info and pictures regarding Agent Carter season two. It is a tour of the set, close-up view of the costumes, and info on the making and production of the series. I would highly recommend visiting here to see it for yourself…for me it gave me a deeper appreciation of the talent and rich quality of the series.

The Agent Carter show is the continuing of something good, I think, both for the line between cinema and television as well as for the forgotten talent of authentic, old-fashioned costuming. It also bringing back the 1940’s into the forefront and that’s a cool thing. However, no matter what I or others would like, unfortunately we have a very strong suspicion this is the last round for Marvel’s Agent Carter to be hosted on a major television station. Maybe something else good will come in a different way for the continuing story of Peggy.

Season Two - on set for Stark's western -cropped

Will you share in this enthusiasm of mine and maybe sew something Carter-inspired along with me? Are you too up for bringing the 1940’s and maybe some fun color combo’s to your sewing table…and thereafter, your wardrobe?


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