Butterick’s New Early Summer 2016 Releases

Hey, doesn’t this look interestingly similar?  It’s almost surreal to see how identical my 1940’s play suit and Gertie’s new pattern (B6354) are together.


Gertie's B6354 combo pic

I made my play suit in June of 2014, and will be blogging about it soon but if you want to see more pictures of my outfit before then, please see my Flickr page.

Also, is Gertie’s pattern a 1954 “Sabrina” movie dress?  (source and source)  How lovely!

Gertie's B6353 & Audrey from Sabrina 1954

I’m really loving the B6363 – combo of hat and dress in a relatively 40’s style.  I’ve already made a hat very similar (see post here) and absolutely love it – the style is versatile and lovely!

B6363 and my velvet 1940 hat

What do you think?  Will you be buying any of the new patterns?

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