Netted Satin Tilt Hat

Thank you everyone for the wonderful comments recently!

Ah yes, I did not forget – I had promised in the previous post to go on about more than just my 1943 dress!Burda Style sept 2011 DIY hat ideas

My hat was a ridiculously easy project, coming from a page of Burda Style’s September 2011 magazine.  They issued an article on “do-it-yourself” hats like from the royal wedding earlier that year, and I used the basic idea given there and ran with it.  After tiring myself out looking at so many inspiration pictures of original extant small tilt hats (see this page for one of my sources), I decided they all pretty much had a few things in common – small enough to show off a hairstyle, a little bit of quirkiness, and lots of over the top decoration, whether it be birds or flowers and especially netting.

Burda’s page recommended starting with an almond shape, oval and pointy, with several possible styling options shown.  So, I drafted my own from an 8 ½ by 11 inch piece of paper, with the oblong going cross-ways from one top corner to the opposite bottom corner.  Next, I cut out two “almonds” (adding in seam allowances) from the same contrast satin used for the dress.  I also cut out one of the same shape from some tarlatan on hand (see this post for more information on this fiber).  Tarlatan adds the perfect stiff-but-pliable feel to hats and is also very vintage in its usage.  Next, I sewed the two layers to ‘face’ one another, with the tarlatan sandwiched inside, and everything was top-stitched down.

I needed something to keep this little satin thing on my head to see what shape I wanted, so sewed in a small hair comb and a black elastic tie, much like a headband.  The front half of the tilt hat received a dart along the center, to add drama and bring the front down over one eye while the back half was curled over to be tacked down to the center top.  Some lovely fine and soft black netting was cut into a giant square and draped over the front to be tucked in under the back curl of the hat.  Ta da!  This was so simple and fun, I literally need to make more…only I also need a reason and place to wear them.  Humm…

I might come back to this hat in the future and add on something quirky like a giant flower or oversized brooch.  What do you think?  Should I leave it as it is?  Is it just me or does it seem weird and take a bit getting used to having netting over you face?

7 thoughts on “Netted Satin Tilt Hat

  1. I love this hat! What a simple project and so easy to make unique. The back that curls up and over is very cute.

    I just bought fabric to make a 30s dress (someday, who knows when) and a hat like this would be a perfect accompaniment. Ideas….!

    You could add another thing to the hat but I also think it is perfectly suitable and interesting as is. With the veil, I think it mostly takes time to get used to the drama of wearing a veil rather than the actual wearing of it.



    • Thank you, Quinn, for the compliments and suggestions!

      Yes, do try one for yourself. The DIY page suggests using felt too. I’d love to see how you make it, I’m sure it will be lovely. You do such a beautiful job on everything you make. What kind of fabric did you get and what sort of 30s dress do you have in mind?

      One of the main reasons I tried a hat like this was because I happened to find the right netting. I just wish I didn’t have to wear my glasses underneath (but I need to see). I’m now wondering, how often, or how much, were veiled hats actually worn in the 30’s and 40’s? What do you think?


      • Thank you! I bought a $1/yard mystery crepe (almost certainly polyester) that is dark green with a 3/4″ or so mustard windowpane in it. I’ve got ten yards, more than enough to make a day dress from about 1933 (calf length skirt, silly big bow, and fun sleeves) and possibly also a 1940s dress or 1950s slim pants. We’ll see!

        It seems like a veil would only have been worn for special occasions or best outfits. I can’t imagine everyday people having them for their daily wear.


  2. That’s beautiful! I’ve ordered the pattern to make that dress, but it didn’t occur to me to make a hat to go with it!

    Even though I’ve been wearing vintage hats since…forever… I’ve never gotten used to veiling. The only time it seemed ‘normal’ was when I was at a convention, and everyone was dressed up. I don’t know why I can dress vintage otherwise and not feel out of place with muggles, but the veiling just pushes it over the top!


    • O.k. so it’s not just me when it come to veiled hats! It’s funny how veiling does make me feel glamorous and self-conscious at the same time. Vintage veils never seem to survive well without denigrating, so I had to try my own when I found such a simple DIY!

      Glad to hear from another hat wearer! I’m always trying to convince my girlfriends (and family) to wear more hats, but it’s an uphill battle…


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