“The Collection” Amazon drama series

This past weekend, September 2, was the premier of a new historical drama series from Amazon, shown every next 8 Fridays. The Collection is new from Amazon Prime and set in a Parisian fashion house after the Second World War (1947). It is also touted as the first U.K. original drama.  Is anyone else interested in this seemingly sewing-themed drama that seems to be an absolute feast for the eyes?!  Or have you not heard of this before?


From what I have read of the creative process and inspiration behind dressing the actresses (and actors) of the series, I am quite impressed so far.  I also like the fact they want to tell the deeper story of the times and the reactions the new mode of dressing created.  The Collection also gives a good contrast to realize the difference between French post-WWII fashion versus American and elsewhere post war styles (get an overview of this at “Glamourdaze” page here).  I mean, just think…Agent Carter Season Two and The Collection are supposed to be taking place in the same year, 1947, and they look completely different!  However, it is yet to be seen if this will be another Mad Men type of show set in a different decade.


Yes, I’ll fess up and say I am one who cannot stand watching something just for the eye candy – I need to enjoy the whole show…which is why I’ve only tolerated the first season of both Mad Men and Downton Abbey, watching the rest in clips, with the TV on mute, or merely scanning over pictures.  Besides, I do want to see a sewing based story.  I’ll definitely check this out somehow!  I wonder…could this help bring sewing to a new forefront or at least give people a different outlook on how beautiful garments, or any garments, are made?

Watch the trailer here at this link from the Telegraph or at “Blogarama”, and see and read more about making the series come to life see this link or this one.


4 thoughts on ““The Collection” Amazon drama series

  1. I watched the first episode at the weekend and I have to say, I wasn’t blown away. It was interesting but it didn’t keep my attention focused on the screen the entire way through. There wasn’t a massive array of wonderful costumes but I think they’re yet to come. The only thing I really loved was the girl’s tweed coat, that was gorgeous.


    • Thanks for sharing, Cate! It’s a shame it doesn’t seem to be better, but at least it might give us some fashion inspiration, right?! I’ve never watched anything through Amazon before and don’t know how it works…I guess I sound ancient…


  2. Thanks for sharing this! I had no idea this was coming out and it does sound really interesting. There are so few stories in film about sewing!


    • No problem…as far as sewing related stories, there is the movie “The Dressmaker” with Kate Winslet, too. I haven’t seen it yet but I want to ’cause it seems very sewing based! I believe it is supposed to take place in the early 1950’s Australia.


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