Remembering December 7th, 75 Years Later, with a Recipe

100_4641a-compThat momentous and tragic day of 75 years ago is receiving much just due attention, commemoration, and re-visiting.  As my little way of nodding remembrance to Pearl Harbor in 1941, I am sharing a recipe out of a family heirloom we have, my husband’s Grandmother’s cookbook.  The book is “Modern Family Cookbook” , by Meta Given, first printed in 1942 and re-issued many times until 1948.

The last time I shared a recipe was a while back for my “Agent Carter Sew-Along” and it was a hearty meat-and-green-beans meal (see it here).  I’ll continue that somewhat this time around with another single-portion meat, “Upside-Down Apricot Meat Loaves”, and a dessert, “Fresh Fruit and Date Salad”.


These were quite tasty and a good kind of different.  I like how the meat loaves are single portions accommodating different appetites and perfect for freezing and re-heating for later!  These might also make good party food for entertaining.  Plus they look like silly eyes to appeal to kids!  I served my “Upside-Down Apricot Meat Loaves” on top of couscous and steamed Brussels sprouts.


When we made the “Upside-Down Meat Loaves” we actually used #491, meat loaf no.2, because the recipe was easier and used all beef (easier to find).  However, the meat was a bit bland, a good comparison nevertheless to the savory taste of the apricots.  Perhaps #489, meat loaf no.2, is probably recommended as best for a reason, and would probably add more zest.  I added both meat loaf numbers 1 and 2 so you can decide for yourself what meat flavors you’d like to pair with the upside-down recipe.


When we made the dessert salad we substituted mayonnaise for plain yogurt but it was very good and quite easy.  I liked how it felt healthy yet sweet without being over-sugary.


Let me know if you try any of these recipes and if you were happy with them – I hope so because I enjoyed them.  Let’s honor those who fought, fell, and survived that day 75 years back in some way, even if with something as simple as a dish of food.


5 thoughts on “Remembering December 7th, 75 Years Later, with a Recipe

  1. Remembering Pearl Harbor with you today. My daddy & his best friend enlisted in the Navy just after the attack. They were only 15 & lied about their age to get in. Both served honorably in the Pacific theatre & both lived to make it home after the war while so very many did not. Thank you for sharing your recipes, it is good for us to remember & to honor their memory.


    • Wow, I appreciate your comment and want to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the service of your dad and his buddy. Pearl Harbor seems to be one of those turning points for so many people lives, and it is good to bring those who lived through it together with those of us of today who did not. I’m glad you enjoy my post.


  2. What lovely blog thoughts to honor those who sacrificed those 75 years ago. My daughter is in Hawaii now helping with these wonderful and sweet gentlemen.

    What a breath of breath of fresh air your blog is today!



  3. I’m not sure if my first reply came through so I will repost. : )

    How wonderful to see a fellow blogger who appreciates those who served us 75 years ago! What a breath of fresh air to me. My daughter is in Hawaii helping with those precious gentlemen who sacrificed for us 75 years ago.

    Blessings! You have a wonderful blog here, I also sew as well as being a lover of the 40s. Bravissimo!


    • Goodness, how amazing to have your daughter be part of such a momentous occasion!!! You must feel honored, at least for her, to be part of such a magnificent effort to honor the veterans and make sure those events of 75 years back aren’t forgotten. Thank you for letting me know my remembrance effort was appreciated. I’m glad to read that you enjoy what I’m doing on my blog. Comments always make my day!


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