A Random Pattern Piece Find…

Sometimes my vintage sewing patterns hide little surprises inside.  In the case of the year 1934 McCall #7823, a tap pants and bra set from the previous post, there was a lonely sleeve pattern from a completely different unmatched envelope.  What has been your weirdest find inside a pattern envelope?  This is I suppose not the strangest or most exciting, but it is random and makes me scratch my head at the history paper patterns hold.

 The random tissue piece is for a “short sleeve” with the number McCall #5918, in a size 16.  Why would a pattern for undergarments have a sleeve pattern randomly shoved in it?  I guess it really doesn’t do any good to ask why, I’ll not figure that out!  However, thanks to the internet, I can see what the rest of the pattern did look like (below) and find what year it came from.  This sleeve piece is from a stunning pattern that is of the year 1944, ten years after the date of the envelope I found it in!

Until this lonely orphan finds the rest of its match, I will keep it on its own and maybe try it out on a sleeveless garment.  However, there must be an existent pattern out there somewhere to have an image to share, and it’s probably missing a sleeve piece, too!  The front bodice of that dress is killer sexy, anyway!  I am laying out this info in the hopes that one of you lovely readers perhaps just might have this pattern.  I offer a pattern trade so my sleeve pattern could be a complete design.  A pattern copy for a pattern copy?

8 thoughts on “A Random Pattern Piece Find…

  1. Wow, that is a great pattern! It’s such a shame that you don’t have the rest of it. Have you seen the Facebook group something-something pattern pieces lost and found or something? Maybe you could hook up with someone who has the rest of the pattern and they could loan it to you! Someone HAS to make that dress, it’s too fabulous to not make it.

    I have a whole folder full of lost pattern pieces.. it’s annoying because you can’t sell them, nobody wants them, and you feel guilty throwing them out, gah!


    • Yes, the dress pattern is awesome, isn’t it! Thank you for the info on the missing pattern pieces group – I’ll have to look into that! Wow, – I didn’t know single, unmatched pattern pieces were that common for you to have so many. Maybe they just happen to find you because you’ll give them a good home, though! I have seen some ‘projects’ in crafting sources for stuff to decorate with these random pattern pieces (think of lamp shades, or jewelry boxes). I respect patterns too much to do stuff like that even if they are homeless pieces!


    Its a 12 though – so its not the missing rest of that envelope you have. If you like, I can trace it for you and send it your way! Send me an email if you’d like it 😀


    • OH MY GOODNESS! How exciting! That would be absolutely wonderful if you could trace out the pattern for me! Would there be a pattern I could trace out for you in return? I will send you an email soon!


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