Life Happens!

I never intended to leave my blog silent for the last half off August.  I meant on sharing two new outfits here by now since my last post was on August 16.  However, that was also the day my son started a new year of school…which brings a whole dizzying round of pick-up times, meetings with the teacher, parent “homework”, and sports activities that need attending.  Then, I also had to start planning and preparing for a trip with my family (plus my dad and our dog) to my cousin’s wedding (a 5 hour trip one way).

Now that that event is in the past, I apparently brought back more than good memories with me.  I tested positive for the dreaded Covid virus soon after I got home, and have been struggling this week to get over the worst of the immediate ill effects.  Tamed down as it may be by now, Covid is indeed a very miserable thing to catch.  It has brought me to my limits.  I am by no means over the virus yet but I feel extremely blessed to not have needed to go to the hospital.   

So – stay healthy out there for yourself and please have patience for me while I am doing the best I can to juggle life and my own personal interests – like this blog!  I have a new post in the works, but I cannot say how soon it will be published.  I need to work on my primary goal of getting my health in line, something I already have been secretly struggling with even before Covid.  Until that next post, here is a little overview of the wedding weekend!

I wore one of my me-made outfits to the wedding – the “Princess in Purple” formal two-piece set posted here.  I couldn’t been happier since this was the first time I ever wore it out anywhere after making it back in 2016, and was the perfect special occasion.  The long length to my skirt kept the bugs off my legs (as it was an outdoor wedding) but was comfortable and swishy for dancing.  The magenta lace top paired well with the overall colors of the wedding, too.  Everyone thought it was a dress, yet it was an un-stuffy formal look that suited the theme of the event.  Enjoy the pictures of our photo booth fun through the night!

Our son wore a vintage 1960s or 1970s era suit and vest for the evening.  This had been given to us by a fellow vintage loving acquaintance who was looking to de-stash back when our son had just been born.  It has taken us over a decade of waiting for this suit jacket and matching vest to finally fit our little guy…who is not so small anymore!  I love how the vest is reversible in a hounds tooth plaid to match with the piping to the jacket’s inner lining.  The details to the suit are so pristine and finely crafted, something sadly not to be seen on modern children’s dress clothes, which are generally made much too cheaply.  However, vintage children’s clothes are like vintage men’s clothes…hard to find in good wearable condition.  Thus, this suit was a real diamond in the rough that happily survived our son’s night of partying to be presentable for another day.

I did sew a new garment for the trip, but we didn’t find the time to do the side trip we hoped so I will have to find another place for proper pictures.  I did still wear my new dress without the pressure of a proper photo shoot, so all I have is a sneak preview (the first picture in this post).  It is a historically bent vintage dress using a special Cranston Print Works material, the (formerly) oldest textile plant in the United States.  Stay tuned! 

At least I did get to see one of the original stands for Dairy Queen (an American dessert chain), still kept looking as it did when it opened in 1952, with the neon light of a little soft serve cone being an original sign.  It was not a planned visit, just something we happily stumbled upon before we left town, and luckily I was wearing my me-made 1950’s dress for that day (see its old original post here)!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little life update, and find it relieving to know I have not forgotten my blog!  As always, I am grateful for having such fantastic followers and devoted readers of my little space on the internet.  I appreciate each and every comment.  Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Life Happens!

    • Thank you for the well wishes! This virus is proving to be very hard to power through – trying to get better is very challenging.

      That is interesting about Dairy Queen, I didn’t know that. Here’s some trivia in return – the Blizzard was created by the owner of a Dairy Queen franchise not far from where I live, and that happened the same year that I was born in the 1980s. It was meant to be a knock-off of a local specialty item – the Ted Drewes concrete!

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    • Thank you for this comment, Quinn. ❤ You're so kind. I really appreciate it!

      Sometimes the weeks can seem like they crawl by for me, seeming longer than they really are, and I really suddenly really miss when I don't have the time for things that I enjoy. Thanks for the perspective!

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