Happy Easter – Happy Spring 2023!

     I don’t have a full project post to share…I just wanted to give a quick little holiday greeting.  I hope you find a special beauty, peace, and happiness in this Eastertide and enjoy some great memories and relaxing moments.  My favorite part of this time of season is seeing the new growth everywhere, but especially the native Spring wildflowers pop up like little beacons of cheer.  The fact that we have recurring cold snaps helps keep the awakening of the Summer’s biting and stinging bugs at bay – which is such a blessing!

The holiday also always gives me a good reason to sew something special, too, and this year I made a vintage suit that has been on my “to-do” backburner for many years…so I am excited!  This sewing project has now given me a classic piece which epitomizes French couture that is also sort-of related to the upcoming MET Gala theme.  If this is enough of a hint for you to figure it out, let me know your guess!  Before I get around to posting that (which will hopefully be soon), I would appreciate anyone going over to see this Easter outfit I sewed back in 2014 – a “Fancy Feedsack” printed silk 1935 dress, complete with a matching slip.  Please give this past post some love since I just recently refreshed the old post with brand new photos (such as the one at right) that are much more appealing than the former ones.  I love being able to show how I still wear and enjoy my past me-made items.  Being vintage, do they ever really go out of style, after all?!

     Before I wrap this quick post up, I’ll say it once again – Happy Easter to all of you!

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