World War II Weekend

Just a quick post to let you my readers know that I’m still here, and a new post is coming very soon.  I’ve been fighting off a sinus infection/head cold/allergies, and this weekend, when I was just starting to feel better, was taken up with World War II weekend, an annual event here at our town’s historic Jefferson Barracks.  I have a few pictures of my weekend that I’d like to share with you.

There are battle re-enactments (with tanks, too), a large encampment, and (my favorite part) a swing dance night with a live band.


I believe this is a StuG Tank Destroyer (Sturmgeschütz IV)


Behind me is a “Honey” – M3 Stewart tank

I look forward to this event every year, and this year I made a special dress for the dance (post coming about it soon).  During the day, the weather was rainy and the camp was messy, so I opted to keep my hair rolled up in pins, covered with a scarf, and wear an authentic WWII  flight jumpsuit, playing the part of a member of the Women’s Air Corps.  The silhouette of an old air corps badge is faded but still visible on the left shoulder of the jumpsuit.  Wow, did our son enjoy all the vehicles!The best part about these re-enactments is that they are a wonderful place to learn history.


Here I am visiting the Russian camp

 Just a little eye candy, letting you know about my weekend!  You just don’t see these tanks, or a jumpsuit like the one I wore, in action all that often anymore!