Extending a Thank You…

A big thank you goes to Linda of “Nice dress! Thanks, I made it!!” for sharing her own award and nominating me for the “Blogger Recognition Award”.  I have the best friends over the internet, as well as the best readers ever!  Thank you also, for reading and enjoying my postings, as well as every comment – they always make my day!


So to follow the guidelines, I will first *try* to make a short summary of why I started blogging.  There is so much more I’d like to say!  I began back in September 2012, originally blogging along for about 5 months to follow along the then popular and amazing “Sew Weekly”.  My new found “discovery” of vintage patterns a year before also started something big in my life.  However, as what was begun by “Sew Weekly” unfortunately was not continued, and the community platform there was becoming a ghost town, I was encouraged by both my hubby and computer-tech brother-in-law to start my own space for creativity.  “Seam Racer” is the nickname appropriated to be by my hubby – I wiz fast (but still precisely) through the seams of my sewing as fast as I’d like to drive my hot red 90’s car.  My title’s related to the dated kids cartoon “Speed Racer” (so fun, btw) taken from a stitcher’s point of view – let me sit down at a sewing machine or a 6-speed, two door race car and I’m happy and ready to be off!

Soon, my blogging became more than just a place to share what I had made and produced, it became my outlet for so much as well as a place to find others, keep in touch with the world, and learn so much.  Also, this is my way to continually polish and exercise my love for writing and expressing myself, and (hopefully) convey to readers things I am passionate about and share the knowledge I have and the way I see things.  My blog is a satisfying commitment that has become one of the best parts to my life.

By way of advice to new bloggers, my first word is to not be overwhelmed by the immensity of what is out there.  The complexity of the internet with the decision of what blogging platform and such to choose was too much for me at first, and rather stressful.  Take your time to learn, don’t get frustrated by mistakes – stressing out over it isn’t worth it.  Find forums to help you learn how the site works and enjoy what you are sharing on the internet just as much as you enjoy it off of the internet.

Second, pictures are an important part of sharing and explaining on a blog, so another way to avoid frustration and add enjoyment is to invest in a good camera or at least one that you feel works well for you.  About a year ago, we acquired a very nice camera with many bells and whistles on it and now photo shoots take less time and we are no longer limited to where and when, night and day as much.  Interestingly enough, I feel that the very fact of the motivation of styling myself for a picture and posing for them adds so much more to my own happiness in my project and gets me seeing how the outfit works.

Now, for my 15 nominees:

Please go and visit these nominees of mine.  If those I’ve named choose to participate, the rules for receiving this award are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

Keep up all the awesome blogging everyone, and I hope to continue to offer a little something for everyone here on my spot on the internet.

14 thoughts on “Extending a Thank You…

    • Thanks, Linda. Me and my hubby love the fact that searching to find “just the right place” gets us out to explore our town, research it’s history, appreciate architecture, and find neat little spots to tell about! It does good all around, besides finding lots of people to talk to. The interesting part is when our son, who’s now old enough to more than understand what’s going on around him, starts talking about what mommy does…funny!

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog and love the pretty garments that you sew so this is really well deserved 🙂 And you are so right, investing in a camera is such a good tip for beginners. It always saddens me to see when great seamstresses do not receive the recognition they deserve just because of the quality of their photography. Thanks for nominating me, also! I am too busy right now with work to participate sadly but I am feeling very honored, thanks a lot.


    • Great, I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog – I greatly enjoy writing it! Thank you for your comment and letting me know how I’m doing. That’s fine, no pressure at all to accept, I know life is crazy lately for me, too. I just wanted to let you and my other nominees know how much I appreciate and enjoy their blogs in return.

      Your blog has just stunning pictures – both your backgrounds and the outfits you present as well as what you have to say are one of the reasons I always sit and take my time to enjoy every post. I also always love the leg wear you pair with your outfits!


  2. It’s so lovely that your blog has been recognized by others for excellence and that you’ve passed it on. I enjoy reading about your projects and seeing what you’re up to, as you know. Thank you for the nomination!



    • Thank you for the congrats, Elizabeth! Your blog is so fun too, I’m glad this helped brighten the craziness. I love your “Fabulous finds I didn’t buy” posts, and the outfits you put together! You are creative and inventive like me and really know how to get some awesome finds and accessorize so well. Besides, I wanted to support another St. Louisan!

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  4. Thank you, Kelly, for nominating my blog! I remember being so excited when I came across your blog for the first time and I am always happy to see a new post from you. Besides admiring the garments you make I really appreciate the technical details and bits of fashion history you put in your posts. Oh, and I love the “Retro Forward” with Burdastyle series!


    • Your welcome! You’re so kind. I’m glad to hear that you like my details and research info, as well as loving the “Retro Forward” series. I wasn’t sure anyone wanted it still and I’ve been neglecting continuing it, but I do have more to post under it so I’ll keep it up! Your input is much appreciated.

      I love the fabrics you choose for your garments and the patterns you pick are always interesting. You also look really good in what you make and I appreciate your quality photos. Great job on the Vintage Pledge, by the way!


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